If you wish to maximise your chances of passing sim assessment (incl CAAC sim check)
or if you need to book a licence revalidation or renewal, please email us at team@mach8zero.uk

  • Full flight simulators located close to London Gatwick
  • Instructors specialised in Asian sim profiles
  • Steady pass rate at over 90%
  • B737-800 | A320 | more available on request
  • Partnership with an ATO

A four hour practice or preparation session on B737NG or A320 FFS – GBP 1,999

A four hour licence revalidation – GBP 2,099

LICENCE RENEWAL – please contact us for an estimated price as each situation varies, depends on the amount of years since your last LPC and may require additional training session.


  • Register with mach8zero and get a lifetime discount on the simulator with us*

  • *Details regarding the simulator discount can be found in the Simulator Training section. By providing your details, you agree to T&C's


Feedback from a successful CSA candidate, Nov 2017

  • “For my screening for China Southern Airlines recently I booked a simulator Session with mach8zero.We were nicely welcomed by the instructors. Before we went into the simulator we discussed what we would like to practice. As the instructor is a current pilot with China Southern Airlines, he knew what the instructor in China would look for, so we agreed to follow his ideas. We had the profile to be flown on the actual screening dates, so that is what we practiced. The advice and comments from the instructors were really helpful. I had the opportunity to practice the manoeuvres that I wasn’t too comfortable with.It gave me such an advantage when actually doing the screening. I have spoken to people who did not prepare anything for this screening and therefore did not know how to actually fly certain manoeuvres. They they are not something you would do on a normal Proficiency Check.

    I am sure the instructors in China see if you prepared for the screening. Thanks to Mark and his team I can now (proudly) say that I was one of the 4 people who passed the screening out of a group of 11 that tried.”


Lifetime simulator discount

We are happy to offer a 10% discount on all simulator sessions which you’re going to book through us. This discount is offered to candidates who register with mach8zero before reaching out to the recruitment agencies and become part of the mach8zero community. In order to be eligible for such discount, you cannot be already registered and dealing with the agencies that we work with in regards to the job you’re looking to apply for. To confirm your eligibility, please email us at team@mach8zero.uk Please note the discount will always refer to the sim prices stated above – these may fluctuate according to sim centres costing changes which we cannot be held responsible for. In such event, we will advise you in advance accordingly.