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Benefits of registering with mach8zero

  • If you’re thinking of applying for a job in Asia, register with us and let us help you choose the right agency. By coming to us first, you’ll get a lifetime discount on the simulator sessions with us. All information regarding the discount can be found in the Simulator Training section.
  • We are independent. We don’t work for any agency therefore we can freely say what is what and be objective.
  • We are on your side and we care. There is a minefield of recruitment agencies out there. We want you to sign up with a professional agent who will stay by your side not only during the recruitment process but also throughout the duration of your contract.
  • We come from an aviation family. We understand the “pilot’s perspective”. We know how difficult it is to balance flying with a family life.

About mach8zero

mach8zero is a UK-based pilot management company founded in July 2017. We bridge the gap between pilots and pilot recruitment agencies by matching pilots with the best agencies and most suitable jobs. We also run sim preparations in Gatwick. We founded mach8zero to give pilots their own representative, a missing component of the pilot recruitment industry.

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Is mach8zero a pilot recruitment agency?

No, we’re not a recruitment agency. We’re an intermediary between recruitment agencies and pilots. We advise pilots which agencies we believe are best to work with taking every pilot’s individual situation under consideration (for example tax residency). It’s a free of charge service.

We also have a team of sim instructors who run sim prep sessions at London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol. To find out more about our sim prep services, follow this link to our SIMULATOR SECTION.

Which jobs I can apply for through mach8zero?

To see a list of open positions we currently take applications for, follow a link to our Pilot Jobs section OVER HERE.

Which agencies do mach8zero work with?

We only work with the best agencies out there. And how do we know they are the best? It’s all about the feedback from the pilots. We work with agencies that stand by their people, answer the phone and represent the pilots not only until the contract is signed but most importantly, throughout the duration of the contract.

How does it work?

If you’re thinking of changing a job, please email us or fill in the form on the homepage. We will get back to you with a few simple questions like “which airline you’d like to work for”, “what is your current rating”, “where are you tax resident”. Then we will advise which agency we believe you should be contacting in your specific situation or we will contact them for you. It’s a free of charge service.

What will happen when I fill in the form on the homepage?

After you fill in the form, we will receive an alert with your contact details and message and we will email you back within 24 hours.

If you have any other questions, please email us at team@mach8zero.uk

"(...) I can now (proudly) say that I was one of the 4 people who passed the screening out of a group of 11 that tried (...)" November 2017

Successful CSA candidate

"The session I had in Gatwick was very useful, I went to the CSA sim assessment with a good self confidence as I practiced some particular scenario in LGW before."

Ryanair Captain (successful CSA assessment)

"I really appreciate your honesty, there are a few recruitment companies out there who keep it this real." May 2017

Etihad First Officer

"There are so many agencies out there, but you're the first that has shown concern and that, for me, speaks volumes about your integrity." June 2017

Qatar Airways Captain